Static and Dynamic Pass Box Interlocking System

Our organization has gained name and fame in offering Pass Box Interlocking System to our clients. In the process of material transfer from unclassified area to classified area pass boxes are used. Passbox is rectangular box with two doors. The two doors are interlocked such a way that two doors cannot be open at the same time, due to which pressure losses and bacterial contamination doesn't takeplace throughout the material transferring process. The prevention of simultaneous access of doors is been achieved by our Pass Box controller by ensuring that when one door for a Pass box is open then other door is closed.

  • Additional Information:
    • When Door 1 is opened the display on the Door 2 will indicate “WAIT” and at the Door 1 the
    • display will indicate “DOOR OPEN”
    • When any of the Door is kept open beyond a particular time say 2 min, a buzzer will be blown and
    • the display at the doors will indicate “CLOSE DOOR”

    • Features:
      • Quality assured
      • Different sizes
      • Easy to use